There might be times when I hurt you
But please know this one thing
Just like always, just like now
I love you, you’re my everything to me
Even after ten years, it’ll be like only one day has passed
I won’t change, I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you, my love

― vixx; thank you for being born

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You love him. Not because he’s in a band and he has talent, but you love him because he cares and makes you feel wanted. You love him in a different way. And I didn’t even have to say his name.

and you’re so greasy i can die -.-“

卜派相機店 ‧ ポパイカメラ NO.1 by graffitiguys on Flickr.

きよ松 by graffitiguys on Flickr.



the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

deep thoughts from an anus




please say tank top and not the other thing

Suitable alternatives: Undershirt, ribbed vest, singlet. Unsuitable alternatives: the other thing.


cute goodnight